1. Restaurant software :
RGISoft has been the trusted IT services, technology consulting and business IT solutions. We provide best customized Restaurant pos software that helps to manage all the processes. Contributing to the overall growth of the business.
Here are some key features
* Table reservation
* Reporting
* Inventory management
* Billing
* Customer loyalty system
* Kot system
* Kitchen order display
* Customer offers
* GST Reports and many more

2. Retail, wholesale and manufacturing software
In todays era for businessman it’s essential to manage all the process and to run their operations effectively.
That’s why we provide you highly customized software solution that help you to make your business run more efficiently.
To understand how RGISoft works let’s see some key features of our software for Retail, wholesale, manufacturing business:
* Day close (Auto Email & SMS)
* Stock tracking
* Promotion schemes
* Gift vouchers
* Pt file system integration
* Product aging
* Multiple payment modes
* CN tracking (Customer Network)
* Cloud sharing (Report data)
* Barcode journey
* SMS Reminders
* Payment Reminders
* HSN Code (Data record)

3. Hotel software :
It is very important for every business to improve their profits working with a best management system.
RGISoft helps to implement an effective revenue management system that provide you daily reports and prevent from duplicacy and manual errors.

* Speed up the process
* Room reservation
* Prevent from duplicacy
* Financial reports
* Restaurant bill shift
* SMS & Email modules
* Prevent from manual errors
* Banquet system
* GST reports
* Accurate daily reports
* Invantory management and accounting